«I, en acabat, que cadascú es vesteixi
com bonament li plagui, i via fora,
que tot està per fer i tot és possible.»

Miquel Martí i Pol

Via fora, sometent! *

Soon it will be two years that we trusted and delegated to those who should lead us to the only acceptable goal: independence. But, instead of that, they have led us, by a way of division and contempt, to a destination that some of them would have described as another betrayal.

That's why some of us have decided to re-assume the responsibility that belongs to us as a people and to take the initiative again.

We do not know if we will be a tsunami, or rather a river, but we are clear about the goal, and we assume the cost involved.

Yes, we know that there are more people who have made this decision, and we hope that many more of you will join our proposal, or any of the others that will arise.

Because it is only with the sum of many initiatives that we will be able to resume, with respect and with the strength of unity as a people, the only possible way: that of independence.

So, be alert of what we will inform you in the coming days because we will let you know the what, the how and when of our proposal.

* "Via fora!" is a medieval Catalan cry of alarm with which the population was called to defend their freedoms from an external or internal threat.

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